Your Guide to Buying Sneakers for Men


One of the great things about fashion is that it has the potential to be a unifying force while still allowing for so much individualism. On the one hand, everyone needs shoes; on the other hand, the ability to choose from different options when it comes to what kind of sneaker you’d like is just as important. For example, wearing different sneakers on different days of the week makes for a great form of pure self-expression.

Sneakers for men has always been one of the major industries among shoe aficionados. It could be argued that no shoes for men attract attention quite like sneakers. From basketball shoes to casual trainers and much more, here’s a look at some of the hottest trends in men’s sneakers today.

How it’s Made

As Internet criticism becomes more influential, analysis of items like sneakers for men become that much more focused on minutia. There are plenty of different fabrics and materials that are popular at the moment—including leather, suede, and lighter fabrics for casual trainers—but it’s the style in which these materials are put together that has the potential to cause a real stir.

Shoes with woven patterns are hot at the moment, and are definitely something to look into if you’re in the market for a non-athletic sneaker. If you are looking for something a bit more sports-ready, you’ll want to pay close attention to how each shoe utilises the rubber with which it’s made. Ideally, you want a balance of strength and durability along with a design that lets your feet “breathe.” You’re clearly going to be active and on your feet for some time as an athlete, and you don’t want your feet to feel like they’re boiling from a buildup of heat and sweat.


Old-School Shoes

These days, nostalgia and a general retro vibe have a pretty strong pull among potential buyers, especially Millennials drawn to the glory days (see: the economically-prosperous days) of the 1990s. Throwbacks to that decade have been popping up all over, from the returns of old TV shows to a resurrection of the fashion from that era. If it was big in the 90s, there’s a fair chance there may well be room for it in your sneaker collection. Everything from casual Converse shoes to sports sneaker brands popular in the 90s have made a comeback in recent years, and don’t show any signs of slowing down in terms of popularity. For now, old-school really is the best school.

Embracing Fashion

There once was a time when sneakers for men tried to downplay their role as fashion staples. Men didn’t want to think about themselves as partaking in the fashion industry, as it was considered to be a largely feminine field. With the current generation easing gendered norms through its approach to consumerism, sneakers for men have come to embrace their role as fashion conceits, and men have likewise begun to be more accepting of exploring their own sense of fashion. As such, when searching for sneakers for men, it’s now fair game to play up the fashion angle a bit. Modern men really care about all the little intricacies and brand-relevant material, which for so often was “cool” or “manly” to overlook.

These tips can help you step into style in your search for bold new men’s sneakers.