Why is Silver Jewelry Better than Gold?


The debate on whether silver is better or gold has been ongoing for decades. No one has a clear picture of which jewelry is better to wear. It is undeniable that gold has its own distinct value and qualities; however, that doesn’t put silver down in its importance. A variety of jewellery is available in gold and silver. There are various reasons that will let you know the difference between the two and explain why silver is better than gold.

Why is silver jewelry better than gold?

  • Silver is comfortable to wear:

We all know that silver is preferred for its light weight and properties. It can be comfortably worn for a longer period of time. On the other side, there have many cases of neck and head pain due to gold jewelry in the form of earrings and necklaces.

  • Silver looks fab and amazing:

Silver is known for its presentable looks. Unlike gold, silver suits all kinds of clothing style and apparels. No color looks bad when work with silver. It is one of this reasons why people prefer silver earrings and rings.

  • Gold is too flashy and overly bright:

 It doesn’t suit all skin tones. People with dark complexion stay away from gold as it tend to make their complexion look darker. The shine of gold fades or becomes dull with time. People have to regularly polish gold to sustain its shine. It is not the case with silver ornaments.

  • Silver goes extremely well with other stones:

Silver is the base for many rubies, diamonds, and gemstones. It is treated to be in the category of a fashionable jewelry. On the other side, gold doesn’t suit always with all types of stones and design.

  • Gold gives you a traditional look:

Gold gives you a traditional appearance whereas silver goes on all. It adds up to the style of a person’s personality. Gold looks gaudy and loud at times unless you are attending a wedding or reception. Silver can be worn on any occasion.

  • Silver is less expensive:

The price of gold is usually high than silver. It is because gold represents wealth. Not many people agree with the fact of paying more money and comprising on the looks. Gold cannot be paired with many other objects and metals. Silver can be combined easily to give a new look. Silver looks amazing on men and women. Men love to wear silver bracelet that looks stylish on them.

Find out some of the latest silver rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings online. There are oodles of variety to choose from. The price is economical compared to gold and the quality is superb. Silver jewelry is an attractive deal for anyone to make. All the best with your silver shopping!