Things to Consider as You Plan an Office Christmas Party


Planning a Christmas party in the workplace can be harder than you might have thought. A lot goes into ensuring the event is well-organized and there are many pieces which need to fall into place.  The following are some tips to help you in planning your office party.

Set the Best Time and Date

When selecting the right time and date for your office party, consider these two elements.

  • Availability of the Venue-Keep in mind that the majority of companies will plan a similar party about the same time of the year. The last days before the winter holidays will be busy for party venues that will be hosting many corporate and private Christmas parties. Plan a time and date when the venue you wish to book is available.
  • Schedules of your Employees- It is imperative to know the last day of work and consider planning your party on that day. Nobody will wish to come back the day after the corporate party. Call human resources to verify the last day of work, start ordering christmas invites and schedule your party for that evening or afternoon.

Get Feedback on Last Year’s Party

Do you wish to know what your employees expect in this year’s Christmas party? If so, just ask them. Consider drafting a questionnaire with some questions such as.

  • What did you like about last year’s Christmas party? What did you dislike?
  • What was your favorite part of that party?
  • What would you wish to see again?
  • Is there anything you would prefer not included in this year’s party?

Be warned though that you won’t be able to consider everybody’s suggestions. Expect to see conflicting answers. Determine the greatest common denominators in the feedback and include the elements that the majority of your employees found enjoyable.

Set a Theme

The theme for this party is often Christmas so everybody would come with their best Christmas dress and enjoys the party with cookies, presents, sweet treats, hot chocolates, Christmas carols and more. However, you can always break the trend and go for a fun and creative theme like one of the following.

  • Tropical. Rather than hosting a typical stuffy Christmas party, install bright lights and have a tropical theme.
  • Alpine Ball. Organize the office party in the Alpine Ball to enjoy the luxury and elegance of an exclusive Alpine ski resort.
  • Winter Wonderland. Use artificial snow to cover everything. Have an ice luge for serving the alcohol. Serve icy drinks, cold snacks and ensure the decor is kep sparkling.

Have Enough Budget

The majority of corporations will set aside some amounts of money each year for office Christmas parties because they know how important this occasion will be to their people. But, you are responsible for stretching this money as far as possible.

  • Find affordable vendors. Find vendors (caterers, venues, decor, entertainment, etc) which provide the best value for your money.
  • Look for all-in-one services. Rather than hiring various vendors for all the needed services, look for vendors which offer everything. The services’ bundled costs will often be cheaper than hiring individual vendors.
  • Spend on the essential elements first. The majority of people enjoy a holiday party if there is plenty of food and drinks and music so a big part of your budget so go into this. Other expenditures come after hiring a great band or caterer.