Skull Rings – Why They Appeal To Some People


Have you seen any of your friends wearing skull rings? If you have no idea why they wear this kind of jewelry, you might assume they are so weird. Why would they choose to wear such ornaments when they are so scary to look at? If you have kids in the house and they will see their father wearing such kind of ring, they will surely feel scared. Admit it, skull rings really look scary for kids. However, for teens, they exude manliness. It would seem that if you are wearing a skull ring, you are perceived as strong and hard.

Skull rings for women

Do you know that skull rings are also available for women as well? That is right, there are skull rings that are designed for women such as those designed with wings and there are also those with a colourful bow. Women who love to wear these kinds of jewelry most of the time want to be looked as though despite the fact of being feminine. What are the most common reasons people wear skull rings?

The topmost reason is to make people see them as strong and hard like you should fear them or you can depend on them. They want to be looked as kind macho that they are not someone who is easy to handle. This is why, you will usually see skull rings being worn by bikers or by those that are members of a gang.

Showing that they love jewelries

This is also another reason why there are men who really love to wear skull rings. They want to show to the world that jewelries are not only for women and that there are also men who wear them. So as not to be tagged as effeminate, one would choose to wear a skull ring.

Versatile designs

You might think that skull rings are always with a huge skull design that is really scary! Well, that is not the case though of course, it is true that most of the time, you can see a big skull ring. However, their designs are not always like that and in fact, there are also those that are with small skulls and even incorporated with a diamond stone. Actually if you will check some of the array of skull rings online, you can see for yourself that they are not that grotesque at all.

Shows the expensive taste of some people

There are those that do not wear skull rings thinking that they look cheap. Well, that is a thing of the past and that is not the case anymore these days. They are far from being cheap especially that as what is mentioned above, there are now skull rings with diamond, there are also those that are made of gold and some other expensive materials.

So, do you also want to try wearing skull rings? Then check some of the providers online! Whether you are a male or a female, for sure you will find a kind of skull ring that will meet your taste.

About the author – Tepparit is a skull ring lover. For him, they show his different but expensive taste in jewelries.