Is Your Regular Lipstick Wearing Off Too Quickly?


It’s every woman’s nightmare to have spent lots of time putting on makeup for a big night out only to have it wear and run without warning. Many inferior brands of lipstick in particular are prone to this. They smear, run, and look lumpy on the lips after a while. The good news is that using a good quality lip stain can solve all of these problems.

The Issue with Lipstick

Lipstick has been around for a long time and there are many colours from which to choose. The combination of colour choice and affordability also makes it the ideal choice for many teenagers and young women, but the problems become all too obvious.

Lipstick is essentially a pigmented paste that sits on top of the flesh of the lips. While this makes it easy to apply, it is also prone to becoming dried out and cracked. It can easily smear when eating or even when kissing. This is why lots of women wearing lipstick try to avoid placing too much stress on their lips.

How to Solve Your Lipstick Issues

If you’re getting ready for a big day or night out, do you really want to have to worry about your lipstick smudging all over the place? It can end up on your chin and just about anywhere else if you don’t look after it. This is a cosmetic stress that lots of women simply don’t want to have to deal with.

Fortunately, lip stains and lip tints can solve these problems. Technology has advanced in the cosmetic industry and women are no longer just restricted to just using lipstick for their special look. It is possible to get long wear water lip stain online at affordable prices now, so everyone has access to them.

So, what do lips stains offer that lipsticks don’t? Why should you invest in them? Consider the following benefits:

  • Durability: Lips stains actually tint the flesh of the lips rather than sit on top of the skin like lipstick does. While this means that it is wise to be careful about colour choices, it also means that the stain will not simply dry out, become blotchy or cracked, or smear off. This is perhaps the number one reason why many women favour a lip stain or tint rather than venerable old lipstick.
  • Tactility: Many women don’t like the heavy feel of lipstick smeared across their lips. Just like a cream, it sits on top of the flesh and can feel strange to some women. Because a lip tint or stain seeps into the skin and pigments them, it feels much lighter. Because of this, lip stains tend to have a much more natural feel to them, which many women prefer. A thinner application of lip stain also means that the lips look far more natural.

If your regular lipstick is looking chunky and feels heavy on your lips, a lip stain can offer a lot of flexibility, versatility, and longevity.