Is Your Refrigerator Not Cooling? Follow these Steps to Fix it


You open your fridge and find your leftovers lukewarm, your milk has gone stale in a matter of hours and your fridge is not stinking. If you relate to this, check the temperature of your frigidaire. Maybe it is not cooling as it is supposed to be. We have listed the reasons to why your fridge isn’t cooling and how you can fix it. Read on to know more.

  1. The temperature is set wrong

Maybe something bumped into your temperature control panel that changed the temperature. So, always check this first. Shift it to a cooler setting and check later if it helps.

  1. The condenser coils of the fridge are full of dusted

If you haven’t been paying attention to the condenser coils, you might want to get it cleaned as soon as possible. When the dust accumulates on them, the coils are unable to regulate the interior temperature of your refrigerator properly. Luckily, you can fix this problem. Seek the condenser coils of the fridge, they are located in the back or on the bottom of the fridge. Get rid of the dust with the help of a rush. In order to keep your fridge functioning smoothly, we recommend you to get your coils cleaned twice in a year.

  1. The gaskets call for replacement

As the time goes by, the seals around the fridge doors which are referred to as gaskets tend to suffer from wear and tear. When this takes place, they don’t seal it properly as it is supposed to be, which causes leak in the cool air of the fridge. Inspect your gaskets for any cracks or tears or any loose fittings. If you find any of these, go for a repair or get it replaced.

  1. Your fridge is overloaded.

When was the last time you have actually gone through the stuff kept in your fridge and cleaned out the leftovers? If your fridge is overloaded, the time calls for a purge and get rid of anything that looks suspicious. Overloaded fridge tends to obstruct the cool air all around and inside of the fridge.

  1. The fridge is kept at an impractical spot

The room environment to where the fridge is kept may impact its thermometer. If the space is too cold, then it may shut down because the fridge finds the temperature cool enough and already up to its designated temperature. If the room is too hot, it runs constantly.