GIA Diamond Grading Reports


Gemstone grading reports are supplied usually for diamonds more than one carat and offers information encompassing diverse facets of the stone. Aside from the GIA grading report, the GIA grading report with cut grade may also be chosen. When the customer decides for further micro inscription around the gemstone, its facts are also provided within the comments portion of the report.

Gemstone dossier reports

The GIA diamond dossier is generally issued for diamonds under one carat also it provides information like the grading report. Unlike grading are convinced that levies extra for laser inscription registry, the gemstone dossier provides it totally free. Thus information on the GIA report number micro-laser inscribed around the gemstone in the buyer’s request. Important limitations concerning the report receive behind. The GIA diamond dossier with cut grade may also be acquired.

Details provided in GIA reports

While reports are supplied in various formats, based upon the load from the stone and it is type, the next facts are contained in each GIA report.

Report number: A distinctive number allotted to a gemstone and registered in GIA’s global database.

Shape and cutting style: Details the form from the gemstone and just how the different facets are cut.

Measurements: Including size of the gemstone as minimum diameter – maximum diameter x depth (for round diamonds) or length x width x depth (for fancy shapes).

Weight: This really is provided in carats

Proportions: Various characteristics from the gemstone are underlined here. Included in this are,

Table-Average size the table facet with regards to the typical diameter (for round diamonds). For fancy shapes this really is measured as width from the table facet with regards to the width from the gemstone.

Depth: For round shapes, this denotes the depth from the gemstone with regards to the typical diameter. For fancy shapes, this describes width of gemstone.

Girdle-Thickness from the girdle with regards to size or condition (faceted or polished) from the gemstone.

Finish: This grades the polish and symmetry of the gemstone, size, shape and site of facets.

Culet: Details how big the culet in accordance with size gemstone.

Polish: This gives info on the level of smoothness from the gemstone and it is overall condition.

Reference Diagram: This approximates the form and cutting type of the gemstone. Additionally, it signifies clearness characteristics within the stone. Answer to symbols utilized on the diagram can also be provided.

Proportion diagram: A picture profile representation of the particular diamond’s proportions is supplied here.

Grading scales: GIA grading scales on color and clearness are supplied. The clearness grade provides grading on the scale which lists from perfect to incorporated. Color grading is supplied on the scale from without color to light yellow, brown or grey. Color grading is achieved by evaluating gemstones to understand comparison diamonds.

Security measures: To make sure that the certificate is safe and can’t be forged, GIA certificates include certain security measures. Included in this are hologram, watermark, an embossed seal, chemical sensitivity feature, microprint lines and security screen will also be provided to make sure that the certificate is original.

Other details: Other details include date of issue, amount of clearness, color, fluorescence and measurements from the gemstone.

Some example reports can be seen during these round GIA diamonds including all of the above parameters with assorted changes due to the shape they’re displayed in.

Additional features

The laboratory also issues special reports designed particularly for colored diamonds.

GIA also provides the Jewel identification report whereby reports are issued around the different gems for example sapphires, rubies, emeralds etc. Additionally, it provides services such as the Report Check which enables users to simply confirm if the info on their certificate matches the data archived within the GIA online databases. This particular service is presently deliver to gemstone grading reports and dossier reports issued after The month of january 2000.


GIA reports have certain limitations that buyers should be aware. They are:

The laboratory doesn’t grade mounted diamonds. Only loose diamonds must be delivered to GIA for grading.

The certificate doesn’t provide retail price from the gemstone. These records are just provided in gemstone appraisals that showcase all 4Cs whilst suggesting approximately retail price for that stone.

The report is only a detail from the gemstone characteristics and isn’t an assurance around the stone.

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