Getting the Right Fit of the Clothes you Wish to Buy Online


Shopping for clothes over the web can get you good style at bargain prices. But, you may also worry about whether the clothing will fit since you order the item without seeing it personally. So whether you are getting wholesale polo shirts, T-shirts or any clothing pieces, consider the tips below to ensure this never happens.

Get Accurate Measurements for your Body

After having an idea o f your size, beyond size 10, large or 41-inch waist, you can start shopping without fear. Keep in mind that the size 10 in one company is size 8 at another. Designers and labels use vanity sizes to confuse customers and although the point of inches and sizes is giving standards to customers, the 41-inch slacks of a company will fit differently than another’s.


Let a Professional Take the Measurement

If possible, go to a clothing store and let somebody who does body measurements to take yours. This is particularly necessary for women and bra sizes. It is a tough thing for everybody to get fitted for a bra and this is even tougher when you are alone. Alternatively, you could go to a tailor in your area to take the measurements for you.

Pick the Best Retailer and Check the Sizing Charts

When you a really have to get the right fit, ensure that you patronize a store which guarantees the fit of their pieces and makes their sizing charts plain, clear and public. Find a website-wide chart; however, even if you find one, don’t forget to check each item’s sizing notes. Also, look for customer reviews when available. You will wish to ensure you don’t clean out your closet later and find a T-shirt that you wanted to send back before because it was too small but never did. And it is already too late to return the item.


Make Notes on Retailers, Brands and Designers You Have Purchased Before

You make a list of retailers so that you can explore many purchase options whether you are buying wholesale blank t-shirts or individual shirts. The majority of them are general clothiers. Diving deeper a little can let you find websites which sell everything   from hand-made belts and ties to custom shoes. If you hit on a brand, a style or a cut which really works for you, you can easily find it again. Also, you will always know that a particular brand is cut in a specific way and really fits you well. After making two purchases, you will have a list of designers, cuts and brands that you always work for you.

Author Bio: Joe Nelson is a famous name in the clothing industry. He has been writing tips about buying wholesale blank t-shirts.