Check out 5 times you can wear your sweatshirt and become a style icon


Confused about sporting sweatshirts and creating a particular look for you? Make sure your style game stays on top by sporting these 4 looks and post your pictures on social media to get thumbs up!

4 different ways in which you can style your sweatshirts:

  • The first one is a no-brainer. Wear it when it’s cold outside. While a sweatshirt was not designed to provide maximum warmth, with time its aesthetics have changed and more and more designer houses are coming up with sweatshirts lined with fur and other insulating material which will keep you warm for a very long time. This will make sure that you keep your style quotient high while you are out in the freezing cold. You can pair your fur-lined sweatshirts with jeggings, tight denims and trousers to make it an evening look. Choose a shirt in vibrant colours and make sure it’s slim fit so that it gives you a slimmer and more stylish appearance.
  • You can actually wear your sweatshirt to office considering you have a casual Friday theme. Many offices today do not have a dress code as such because of the creative nature of the jobs so many people today choose sweatshirts to wear to the office instead of dressing up in formals. Of course, there is still a lot of things to be considered when you are wearing your sweatshirt to the office and most of these will be to generally ensure that you don’t look scruffy. Choose darker colours with slimmer fits to make sure you conform to office standards of casualness.
  • You can also wear sweatshirts to parties for an offbeat semi-casual evening look. If you are thinking how to sport sweatshirts in a party then think again! Many women are choosing to let go of their backless dresses and strappy tops to pair sweatshirts with skirt and dresses. This makes for an especially cool outfit since everyone else is dressed to the nines in a party.
  • You can definitely wear your sweatshirt to the gym if you want to make a fashion statement. Consider wearing a boldly printed sweatshirt to the gym to turn heads or cover up with a dark navy coloured one to avoid staring. According to some it also makes you lose weight faster.