Caped Heroes throughout History


There are many heroes and superheroes out there. Each is intriguing in their own way. The enticement of their costumes draws people in, but there is something special that makes some of them unique amongst all heroes. These heroes have one shared characteristic: each wears a glorious cape.

Dr. Strange

Once a brilliant surgeon, Stephen Vincent Strange, M.D. (Marvel Comics) lost the use of his masterful hands during a car accident. While searching the world for ways to heal his hands, he met The Ancient One. After training, Dr. Strange became the Sorcerer Supreme. Skilled in both mystical and martial arts, Dr. Strange protects the earth against magical threats using powerful spells. Dr. Strange’s costume includes the Cloak of Levitation, which gives him the ability to levitate and fly.


Don Diego de la Vega is a fictional California nobleman, during the time of Mexican rule, whose secret identity is Zorro. A skilled horseman and swordsman, Zorro defends the common folk from tyranny and oppression. Delighting in mocking villains, Zorro outwits them, not with physical skills alone, but with taunting words, publicly humiliating them. Zorro’s costume is all black, including a flowing cape, flat-brimmed sombrero and a mask covering his eyes.

Wonder Woman

This super-heroine of DC Comics is Princess Diana of Themyscira, an Amazonian warrior princess, whose alias is Diana Prince. A founding member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman is highly skilled in strategy, hunting, martial arts and combat, and she uses the Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets and her tiara to fight enemies. As with many comic characters, her look has changed over the years, but she wears a red cape and high-heeled boots, and she carries a sword and shield.

Batman and Robin

Also known as the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin are fictional characters of DC Comics. Batman is the Caped Crusader whose secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a rich philanthropist. Batman doesn’t have superpowers; he relies on his training and genius intellect, as well as his wealth, to fight criminals and protect the citizens of Gotham City. His costume is bat-inspired, with a black cape. Batman drives a tricked-out Batmobile, just one of the many technological wonders Bruce Wayne’s massive fortune provides.

Robin is a junior counterpart to Batman and a vigilante partner in fighting crime. He learns from his older mentor, Batman, and becomes skilled in his own right. Although this character has had many changes over the years, Robin usually wears a yellow cape. Batman stands alone as the more prominent of the two, but Robin is pretty much only known in the context of being Batman’s younger partner.


Of all the characters of DC Comics, Superman is the most recognizable. He wears a bright blue jumpsuit, red boots and a red cape that flows in the wind behind him as he flies. He wears a big letter S on his chest, and he is also known as the Man of Steel. As a baby, he came from the planet Krypton and was raised by adoptive parents on a Kansas farm and given the name Clark Kent. As an adult, he works as a journalist for a newspaper in the fictional city of Metropolis, but at a moment’s notice, the mild-mannered Clark Kent turns into Superman to save someone from harm or to fight a criminal. Superman possesses extraordinary superpowers, including flight, x-ray vision, super-speed, super-strength, super-hearing and super-intelligence.

Super Hero

Not all caped heroes are fictional. Super Hero, a former professional wrestler, is well known in Clearwater, Florida, where he drives his 1975 Corvette around town, helping motorists who are having car trouble. He raises money for various charities by teaching classes on road safety. Super Hero has a slick, bald head and wears a shiny red, gold and blue costume with, of course, a cape.

Over the decades, there have been great heroes, even superheroes who’ve worn capes. Some have become well-known to people around the world, while others are hardly known at all. It’s that distinctive characteristic of the cape that sets these heroes apart.