Understanding the Meaning and Types of Framing Hammer


In case, you were a DIY enthusiast, chances are higher you would search for the best tools to suit your home chores needs. Among the common tool that all people would require in a home would be the hammer. It would be pertinent to mention here that most people would consider a hammer merely a tool to punch the nails in the wood or the wall. You would be astounded that hammer comes in different types and designs. These would be imperative for different designs and different tasks. One such specialized tool is the framing hammer. It would be used for different purpose.

Appearance of the hammer

The hammer has been designed for framing work. It is a larger claw design. Usually, these would weight in a wide range of 25 to 32 ounces. Mostly, there would be two long handles attached to the hammer. It would make the job relatively easy for the user. You would be able to generate more power when swinging the hammer.

Head of the hammer

The head of the hammer would be milled. Milling has been a process where waffle like design would be imbedded on the surface of the head. The major reason for the design would be associated with the kinds of nails used for the framing jobs. As the head of the nails used would also have a milled effect, the raised grid on the head of the hammer would help in catching the lines on nail head grid. It would be beneficial for the user, as the chances of hammer slipping off the nail when hit on the head of the nail would be significantly less. You would require fewer swings to get the nail into the frame completely. You should go through  framing hammer reviews to lay your hands on the best product.

Material used for framing hammer

The framing hammer is mostly manufactured from steel. The metal would make the hammer durable for several years of usage. The long handle for the hammer has been traditionally manufactured from hard wood. It would be treated and sealed to last for a significant length of time. In the recent years, a number of brands have started using fibreglass handles for framing hammers. It would entail a rubber grip on the handle, while wooden handles do not encompass rubber grip. The best framing hammer would be used for any kind of framing work.