Imagination to Fuel Young Girls’ Dreams



Young boys will typically ask for certain things on their birthdays or for Christmas. Cars, trucks, and things to build with are popular requests. Little girls can also be pretty predictable when it comes to common toy selections. Children are full of imagination and always want to pretend. A lot of girls love to dress up in their mother’s clothes, walk around in their shoes, and put on their makeup. Almost every little loves girl to play with dolls. Dolls are another way to play dress-up and can be even more fun because there are so many different options such as clothes, shoes, and hair accessories.


In America, Barbies are the most popular dolls for young girls to play with. Nowadays, you don’t always just get the dolls and accessories. Now they come fully equipped with houses, cars, and even certain occupational tools. You can walk into any American toy store and buy Teacher Barbie, Doctor Barbie, or even Vet Barbie, and they all come with any accessory you can think of. In Germany, the most popular dolls are Kathe Kruse dolls which are handmade, cushy dolls stuffed with reindeer hair. Most of these dolls’ heads are made with real hair which is perfect for styling hairdos. Each of these dolls have faces that are painted on by hand, making them even more special. In some countries such as Austria and the Czech Republic, marionettes are still found to purchase in most street shops and markets.

Aussie Toys

In Australia, it is not hard to find a gift to take to a young boy’s birthday party. Popular toys for boys include Nano blocks, cars, board games such as chess, and model airplanes. However, there is also a crystal-clear answer when it comes to what to buy for a young girl. Popular for ages one through 12, Gotz Dolls are a very trendy yet timeless choice and are sure to put a smile on any little girl’s face. Almost like real-life baby dolls to play with, there are so many different kinds to choose from. These dolls also come fully equipped with as many outfit choices as you want. Girls will be busy for hours dressing up and playing with their new toys.

A Large Variety

The range of dolls and accessories is so large that you can search by age and what the function of the doll is intended to do, such as promote storytelling, creativity, or learning. There are dolls that encourage learning. These dolls can be categorised by different hobbies and interests in life. For older girls, there are horse riding dolls, fairies, and dolls which come with their pet dogs. Girls who are younger, under three years old, would prefer the dolls who resemble babies. Whichever category of doll is chosen, they each come with a wide variety of choices when it comes to clothes, shoes, and accessories. Young girls who are lucky to play with these dolls can use their creativity to develop any kind of story or situation that fills their imagination.