Everything you need to know for growing weed indoors| Nurture the nature


Joe Rogan once said that “it’s a very strange thing when you make nature illegal.” Well, using marijuana for the medicinal purpose is not illegal. So, people often consider growing weed indoors. Using weed in many healing methods gives rapid results. However, to use it according to its beneficiary, one needs to pay much attention while raising it in a home atmosphere.

Where to find it?

  • Search for online sites that give information on growing marijuana
  • Go for those seeds which the government has legalized.
  • Do extensive research before starting to grow weed as there are plenty of measures to take.
  • Buy from authentic sellers
  • Avoid banned seeds.

What measures to take before growing weed indoors?

Beginners should go through precautionary measures before growing weed.

  • Identify the seed that promises best results
  • Keep the neighbors at bay as not everyone like weed
  • Give ample time as the cannabis take a four-month cycle to grow properly
  • Always keep electrical appliances and devices away from the place of weed growing
  • Make sure that the nursery contains a smoke alarm
  • Select dry and clean areas for growing weed indoor
  • Place a board in front of the room to make others aware of the cultivation of weed which is off limits.

Now; how to grow weed?

Growing weed can be tricky; beginners need to follow a thorough process so that they do not find themselves in problems.

  1. Indoor settings to keep in mind:


  • Cannabis needs a lot of sunrays to grow. Therefore, placing the cultivation in a place with shining sunlight is a good start.
  • Try to choose a small room. For example basement, garage, rooftop or attic, garden shed, small closet, etc.
  • It is better to keep the handling on one person
  • There is a need for electricity.
  • The room should have a window or a vent to receive fresh air
  • Light and ventilation are two important factors for growing marijuana.
  1. Select the equipment:


  • Growing plants indoor requires hydroponic parts which are easily available in online sites.
  • Opt for the ones used by farmers and agriculturists; it is safe.
  • Try to find a grow tent which will contain the light.
  • There is always a requirement of fabric pots, fertilizers, seed germinators, etc. for growing plants.
  • Using solid plastic pots is good because it drains out the excess water by helping only the right amount penetrate into the roots deeply.
  1. The lighting condition:


  • Opt for the best HPS lamps.
  • If HPS lamps seem costly, go for LED grow lights
  • For small scale growths, use CFL lamps
  1. Ventilation is very important:


  • Just as all plants need good ventilation, cannabis while growing in secretive also need proper fresh air.
  • Carbon filter removes the old air or the marijuana odor.
  • It is good to use industrial fans for large growths.
  • Adding a fan speed controller can help in reducing noise and does not disturb people.
  • The filters are installed in front of the fan to remove that pungent smell.
  • Removing the used air is very important; therefore, using a duct can prove beneficial.

When is it legal?

In the U.S. many places grow marijuana legally. These plants are then used for medicinal healing and do not have side effects to the body. Therefore, fighting health problems become easy by growing weed indoors. Also, it is safe to consume the right dose prescribed by an authorized person.