Everything About Selecting The First Harness For Your Dog!


Dog owners often have a tough time choosing between collars and harnesses. Dogs are active animals, and they love to run and fetch. Some breeds tend to be more enthusiastithan others, and the incredible amount of energy can be hard to control on a walk. No matter whether you have a small puppy or a large Great Dane, you need to buy a harness. In this post, we will talk about ways to select the best dog harness, but before that, let’s understand the need for a harness.

Collars vs. harnesses

Dog harnesses are known to offer adequate control on the animal and can prevent a lot of neck injuries that are associated with the collar. Collars are cheaper and can found anywhere, and it is also a lot easier to buy them, but for certain large and small breeds, collars are quite risky. Collars can lead to choking, and before you can realize, the animal is already in huge pain. Harnesses are safe and should be one of your first investments for the pet. Harnesses, especially the good ones, should last for years without any need for replacement.

How to choose a harness?

  • First things first, measure your dog and find the kind of harness that would fit him perfectly. Secondly, you need to talk to his trainer about the best possible options for a certain breed. Trainers can also offer help and assistance on selecting the right designs and brands.
  • Read reviews. If you don’t have the choice to talk to a trainer, the next best option is to read a dog harness review. You will find reviews of some of the known brands and options on the web from experts, with a list of pros and cons.
  • Consider the material. If you are choosing a no-pull harness for your dog, you need to be extra cautious about the material, as it can cause skin issues around the armpit. Also, the material should be easy on maintenance.
  • Find more about types of harnesses. There are all kinds of dog harnesses in the market, right from step-in designs, to no-pull and standard harnesses. Choose something that matches your budget and needs of the dog.

  • Finally, consider the price. Good harnesses are expensive, but the price is worth paying for, especially because these are meant to last. You can get some good offers online, so do check for discounts.

Start looking for a good pet harness now!