Check These Things Before Buying Celestron Edgehd 800


The Celestron EdgeHD is a compact astrograph telescope that wins big time, both in terms of function and price. This is also one of the most compact options for the price range. In this post, we will do a quick review of this telescope, without talking complex things.

The basics

The EdgeHD 800 is meant to be a great choice deep-sky planetary viewing and observation, but it’s even amazing with astrophotography. This is more like a versatile Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope that comes from the powerhouse of Celestron, which is well famed for making some excellent instruments. As mentioned, this is designed to be a traveler’s delight, so transportation is pretty easy. It can be installed on a HEQ5 type mount, but if you are using it for photography, an EQ6 mount is probably a better choice. Celestron SCT telescopes are recognized for the use of aplanatic optics, and the EdgeHD 800 is no different.

Things that matter

Most of the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes from Celestron are known for functionality and image quality, and EdgeHD 800 too scores big in this department. For photography, this is a perfect choice, thanks to the incredible 42 mm circle field correction and astounding lover levels. Celestron should be patted for making an instrument at such a good price, which is comparable to some of the other high-end telescopes. Besides the aplanatic optics, the optical correction is one of the major highlights of this instrument. In terms of resolution, this telescope works well, and you can enjoy high quality viewing of double stars.

With 42 mm diameter flat field, the EdgeHD 800 works well for photography. You can use a number of other accessories to make the most of this instrument. It makes sense to invest in photographic adapters or a special focal reducer, which are available exclusively for this model. Even if you don’t understand the technical aspects of high end telescopes, you can still go for the EdgeHD 800 blindly. It’s one of the few models that offer great options for photography, even for the competitive price. Some of the issues that are common to Schmidt-Cassegrain have been rectified using some amazing techniques, which ensure sharp viewing and great photos.

All in all, the EdgeHD 800 is a powerful telescope that’s best suited for experienced and intermediate sky watchers. It has everything and much more you would expect for the given price, which is the best part of buying this instrument.