6 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthdays Alone


Birthdays are big celebrations and during these important occasion all you expect is the entire world to bow in front of you. You want the perfect plan for your birthday bash and the plan should be on even if you are alone. After all you always don’t need a boyfriend to make you feel special. Don’t sit back because there are chances that you will end up feeling sad more and more.

Dress Yourself Up

Get up and put on a new dress even if there is no one to see. Look up in the mirror and compliment yourself. Trust me, it will be the greatest feeling ever. Once you are ready before you hit up a lovely place it is important to have a nice breakfast somewhere close to your place. It is important that your tummy is full before you leave your house because otherwise you might feel a little cranky.


Plan a Movie

Once you are done with your breakfast choose a place depending on your mood, if you feel like shopping you have the malls with you. For movie buffs, it will be an excellent opportunity to watch movies and laugh like a complete stranger when the person sitting next to you is a complete stranger.


Order a Cake

Before you forget shop for cakes in Dubai not for a friend or relative but for yourself. Trust me it is important that to have the luxury of having your own cake and eating it too. Many people might find it funny but it is an interesting try it once and I am sure that you will have fond memories of the occasion in the years to come.


Get yourself a present

It might sound a little weird but trust me it will be exciting to unwrap a present which you have bought it yourself. It will give you the same feeling as it has been gifted to you by someone special.


Take an Off from Work

If you are the one who is busy working almost all the time, it is important that you take a break and consider as no working day. So just give some time to yourself which will help you in unwinding and taking some time off to spend it with yourself.


Shop what you wish

We all have a secret wish but we keep postponing it because we have something else to do in life. And since it is your birthday it is time to make that wish come true. If you want to shop for something in particular you should do that or if there is a place that you have been longing to visit you should go ahead and do it before time runs out.