5 Mind-blowing Tips In Purchasing Toys From Thrift Store


If you are the type of parent who spend his/her time in looking for unique and perfect gift for your kids,  then you are aware that  you could rarely find these kind of gift in shopping centers. Oftentimes, malls have more than 20 copies of the stuffs you’d like to give them. DIY is also no use since you might just end up frustrated in making toys none by yourself since you are an engineers, blacksmith or woodworker. Thus, the best thing to do right now is head to the nearest thrift store. Take these mind-blowing tips with you while shopping:

Identify first what you are searching for

Definitely, without a plan, your shopping toys like kids plastic playhouse  will just waste your time. Thus, it is much better if you already know what you are seeking for before going on a thrift store. Aside from that, it also helps if you determine your target brands. Through narrowing your choices, you could speed up your purchasing process.

Look at the price.

Do you think the price is right according on the condition of those pedal cars for kids on the corner? How much do you think is its price if it still on sale? Think about these things. There are times that it is much better for us to wait for that big sale day and buy for this item rather than invest on used stuffs though you can found some things that are still new.

Check for any signs of damage

 Let’s always remember that the toys here are already used so there’s no doubt that they are possible signs of damage.   You should know what is acceptable and what is not. Look every corner, every inch of the toys to ensure your child’s safety. There’s no harm if you’ll be meticulous sometimes.


Educational toys are good choice.

As much as possible, always opt for educational toys.  Luckily, people donate their unused toys in thrift store. This is why you will never run out of choices because they are abundant everywhere.  For few bucks, you can now avail some good stuff for your children. That is one lesson you should learn when being practical.


You need to disinfect through wipes. Usually toys from thrift store are filthy. Other buyers already wiped their hands all over these used toys.  What you need to do is wipe the hands of your children as soon as you buy the car or even sooner. Oops! Don’t forget to wipe or wash also their new toy before using them.

Every parent s has their own means and ways when it comes on shopping toys. The above-mentioned tips serves only as a little assistance to make their task more convenience and smart whether they are buying from a thrift store or from wooden toy wholesalers Australia such as Little Smiles.  But let’s all remind ourselves that being a parent doesn’t just end in giving them things they need. It needs our involvement into child’s every milestone and let them feel that we truly care and love them. Don’t let toys alone do the job. After all, it is your responsibility to take good care of them.